• what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i romanced thane in mass effect
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im trying so hard to do my homework but there are so many more interesting things i could be doing like dying

not even going to try understanding the Thief ending

We see The City grow as a linear progression over time - one event after the other. But our perception does not mirror reality. The City is everything at once: virgin countryside, crowded streets, vacant ruins. All moments of time exist concurrently with one another. It is our challenge to break the patterns of human conciousness. Only then will we truly understand the meaning of time.
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sometimes i forget im a real person

Dad? Dad, come on… you gotta get up…

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Shenko kisses.

That hand kiss will never cease to give me butterflies.

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"You know them as Ubisoft. We know them as the enemy." 
"You know them as Ubisoft. We know them as the enemy." 
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I saw… I saw a city in the clouds.

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i didn’t ask to be this much in love with a fictional character but there he is and here i am

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Squad masks